Before discussing the Live Streaming Live Cricket Streaming we need to know what actually streaming technology is? Streaming technology makes it possible to transfer audio, video and other multimedia over the Internet. Streaming media services such as Video Desk deliver audio and video without boring the viewer waits to download files. Since your computer plays the media file, it continues to download and buffering extra content from the streaming server. Playing and downloading happen simultaneously. This process is almost invisible to the viewer, except for a brief period of initial buffering. Internet is actually is ” packet pusher” in this regard.When ever you send any e-message or open any webpage your information is sent to the server.  Your web browser takes the information it receives, displays it on the screen, and then waits for your next request. This type of stimulus package functionality works very well for the transfer of graphics and text, but video and audio in this way is problematic. With the packet-pushing approach, a user in the web will need to download the entire video clip can be seen. With a large file size, the wait can be non-tolerable. The goal of streaming media is to solve the bandwidth boundaries of the Internet. With almost all the proprietary technologies, data is fed continuously to the user while the media is played on. This technology works with a continuous connection to the required for watching TV or listening to the radio. The computer receives video or audio just before you see or hear it. You do not need to completely download your media before they can see it. 

Streaming allows content providers to flow mid-quality video point-to point, with cheap and effective means. For sure not HD, but for simple delivery of video information, be it news, weather or simple entertainment, streaming is an effective delivery medium.

Streaming live has many advantages, as well as disadvantages at the same time. Streaming has made everything easy, frequent and fast. Types of streaming vary, some streaming programs show each and every moment like at some websites the whole Cricket game is being broadcast as it is but at some of the other

websites only a few parts of the game is being shown. Live Cricket Streaming has made the fans crazy. Its a great contribution towards media and also for

the popularity and fame of Cricket. People now can enjoy whole match at ease and comfort with Live Cricket Streaming.